Benefits Of Joining A Laser Association

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Many laser owners belong to a laser association. If you are a new laser owner and still undecided whether to join this group or not, this article is for you.

A laser association is a big sailing club composed of Laser owners. This is an avenue where they can exchange ideas so that laser sailing becomes a more enjoyable experience.

Some also want to protect the one-design principle that has made the laser class popular the world over. You could, of course, always go solo and enjoy laser sailing on your own.

So, if you are contemplating the benefits you would get from joining a laser association, here are some points that you may want to consider…

The Benefits of Joining a Laser Association

Joining a Laser Association can have many advantages
Joining a Laser Association can have many advantages
  • When you are part of a laser association, you have the opportunity to race against a lot of boats, whether locally or from around the world. While one can get into laser sailing simply for leisurely cruises and family bonding time, most sailors pursue laser sailing as a competitive sport. If this is your goal, then being in an association is an excellent idea. Because it is a big club and has connections with other laser associations all over the world, then you have the ability to test your sailing competency against many more people.
  • You have the opportunity to interact or even compete against the best sailors of the world. Again, the advantage of connections plays a role. Rubbing elbows with the best sailors in the world and learning from them is one advantage that most lasers sailors look forward to.
  • If you are serious about pursuing laser sailing as a sport, a laser association could give you access to several big sailing events year-round. Laser sailing wouldn’t be fun if all you do is read the theory and sit on your boat. Fun and action go together and being a member of an association enables you to be part of major events that all sailing enthusiasts would love to be in. During these events, you may also have the opportunity to attend top, professional coaching from the best there is.
  • Laser associations uphold fair rules making boats used for races as identical as possible. This is very important to make sure that contests are run fairly and with integrity, and that all sailors are given a fair opportunity to prove their sailing skills and prowess.
  • Owning a laser ensures that your boat has the best resale value. When you want to sell your boat for whatever reason, you are assured that you will get the best resale value simply because of the good reputation of the laser association.
  • Meeting up with people you share your passion with is always fun. And the truth is, sailors are known to be a bunch of fun-loving people. And aside from having fun, you get to learn new things from the experiences of the more seasoned sailors.

Join a Laser Association to Get the Most out of Your Sailing

Laser sailing as a sport has become increasingly popular in many parts of the world. It is attracting both male and female sailors. The excitement of perfecting your skill, competing against mates as well as people you’ve never met, and speeding across the water with the wind on your face is reward enough for those who love to sail.

The thrill of sailing comes from the ever-changing conditions of the water and the wind. No two races are the same, but they all carry with them the never-ending sense of adventure.

Every sailor knows the feeling of fulfillment each time they go from frightening to fascinating as they harness the water and the wind to get them around the course.

As one sailor aptly put it – sailing is an experience that is exhilarating and relaxing all at once. So if you are not yet a member of a Laser Association, are you getting as much out of the sport as you could be?

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