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Sailing Hats

Welcome to the Laser sailing Tips online store. This is our sailing hat department. In this department, you will find hats that fall into several categories including:

  • Men’s & Women’s Sailing Hats/Caps
  • Men’s & Women’s Racing Hats/Caps
  • Men’s & Women’s Beanies
  • Hat Accessories

Sailing Hats and Caps

Sailing Hats are designed specifically for sailing. They feature wide brims for sun protection, hat clips or ties for securing them around your chin and are made from quick-drying material that breathes and helps keep your head cool.

For a good review of some of the best sailing hats on the market, please have a look at this post.


Beanies, or Skull Caps, are tight-fitting head coverings that are designed to keep your head warm or to look cool. They do not have brims and are not always made of materials that are fast-drying so are not always the best for dinghy sailing. However, they may be good for when you are back on shore.

These hats, caps, and beanies are made from materials that keep your head warm, some come with chin ties, clips, and additional extras. Depending on your sailing requirements, you should be able to find the correct head covering for your needs.

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used laser dingy for sale

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