So Many Small Sailboats – Which one is right for you?

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If you have been intrigued by the thought of owning and sailing your own dinghy, then it is high time for you to start looking at small sailboats so you can choose the one perfect for you. Whether you are infatuated with cruising or you are the more adventurous and enjoy the thrill of racing, there will be several things you need to consider when buying a boat, whether it is a laser sailing boat, or one of its counterparts. This article aims to give you some hints that might come in handy.

So what are the best small sailboats?

There are many different types of small sailboats to choose from, depending on your personal circumstances

There are many different types of small sailboats to choose from, depending on your personal circumstances

It is not a good idea to even think of buying one of the many different types of small sailing boats if you have not actually hit the water and experienced any for yourself. When it comes to boats, it is best to experience them first hand to see how they really work and perform, and to see if it is the perfect fit for you. Nothing beats actual experience when you want to evaluate the capacity and the power of a sail boat. It is also a good idea to see what the popular boats are in your local sailing club.

Several types of boats fall into the small sailboats category. Of course there are the dinghies (such as a laser sailing boat) and the small yachts but even these two have so many different types to choose from. Generally, these types of boats are popular because they are not difficult to rig and easy to sail. Here are some of those which can be great choices for solo sailing or family fun.

1. Sabot

These small dinghies are popular among those who are learning the basics of sailing. This boat is have been used in beginners’ classes in a lot of sailing clubs for decades because of their reliability and ease of use. They are great for kids to learn the basics in.

2. Finn

This is a single sail dinghy crafted in 1949 mainly for competitive sailing. Since its inception, it has maintained its reputation as an Olympic class and presently occupies the niche for the Heavyweight Dinghy. It also enjoys the title of longest standing sailing dinghy. For those who are really into competitive sailing then this boat would be a good choice. Sailors who have used it can attest to its excellent performance and competitive racing.

3. Melges 24

The Melges 24 (and its larger cousin the Melges 32 pictured) are popular & competitive small sailboats

The Melges 24 (and its larger cousin the Melges 32 pictured) are popular & competitive small sailboats

This is an excellent boat for tactical racing. This is usually sailed by 4 people and is professionally constructed with a lot of features necessary to racing. Its design boasts of a comfortable, light-hull displacement as well as its carbon fiber mast, bowsprit, vertical keel fin and rudder. It also has a 670- sq. ft. spinnaker which is asymmetrical, pulling and lifting boat forward when racing downwind.

4. Marblehead 22 DS

This type of small sailboats boat may have a traditional-looking hull but definitely has some high tech accessories. It has graceful lines but its body has a Hall Spars carbon-fiber mast with a wishbone rig and square-top main and a deep bulb keel.

5. Laser Sailing Boat

The Laser sailing boat is a popular choice

The Laser sailing boat is a popular choice

Lasers are Olympic class boats. They are single handlers and are loved by young and old sailors across the globe. It has 3 different sized rigs, allowing for different skill levels and weights. The laser sailing boat sails measures between 4.7 and 7.1 square meters, and the hull is 4.23 meters long and 1.37 meters wide. It weighs in at approximately of 60 kilograms.

These sailing vessels mentioned above are just a few examples of the small sailboats that you will find being sailed week in week out at clubs worldwide. However a diligent search on the internet or listening to what seasoned sailors recommend can give a new enthusiast a pretty good picture of what are the good ones and what to avoid. A laser sailing boat is one of the preferred choices among sailors but then there might just be some other types that you might find interesting. So take your time and weigh things up carefully, and study every detail of these small sailboats so you can find the best match that will answer your sailing needs.

Of all the small sailboats around, what’s your favorite?

So I’d love to know what sailing boat you are thinking of buying. Or if you already have one, what’s your favorite? Whether it is a laser sailing boat or not, please share what you think are the best small sailboats around.

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