What Are The Best Sailing Shorts And Pants?

Best Sailing ShortsWhether you are after sailing shorts or sailing pants, both are an essential part of the wardrobe for any sailor.

They are designed to be comfortable and durable. The durability requirement stems from fact that they have to stand up to the harshest of elements, and well as extreme wear and tear when out sailing. You’ll be out on the water all day, so it’s a no-brainer that they also have to be comfortable.

They need to be perfect for use by recreational and professional sailors and are typically made from water resistant, quick drying fabrics. Some have additional padding for extra comfort. These highly specialized shorts come in a variety of styles for both men and women.

Not all in the list below are specifically for Laser sailing, but for sailing in general, and for back in the club when bragging about your day out on the water.

Here are our picks of the top 6 best sailing shorts:

Now that you know what you need sailing shorts for let’s look at some of our top picks for comfort, style, and affordability.

Our brands of choice are Gill, Harken, and Helly Hansen. They have designed shorts that are contemporary in their look yet contain all the key elements you would expect from top brands like these.

1. Gill Performance Padded Shorts

Our top pick is the Gill Performance Padded Shorts. Made from a durable nylon fabric and designed with a reinforced seat panel that you can add extra pads to make this a multi-functional pair of shorts you’ll want to wear on the beach as well as during a long session on the water.

The water repellent outer layer means you won’t be soaked if you get hit by a wave and they take up little space if you decide to pack light for your next outing on the water.

Get the best price on Gill Men’s Performance Sailing Shorts here.

2. Gill Race Unisex Shorts

Next on our list is the Gill Race Unisex Shorts. Aside from being made from a durable and abrasion resistant fabric, these sailing shorts have the added bonus of a zippered thigh pocket. It’s a handy plus giving you a place to keep race notes, a knife or handheld device.

Online reviews of these shorts also point to the perfect sizing and elastic waistband that makes them snug enough that you may not need to add a belt. In fact, there is a total of four pockets in these shorts and the legs may be longer than other designs. These features are rated high by owners of this product. The unisex design also means that they are super versatile.

Check out the Gill Race Unisex Shorts here.

3. Harken Ballistic Eco Padded Sailing Shorts for Women

The Harken Women’s Ballistic Eco Padded Shorts are a 50/40/10 blend of nylon, rayon (from bamboo) and charcoal. This means a number of things…

First, they are stretchy enough to move when you move with a soft and comfortable brushed interior that prevents skin irritation. Second, these sailing shorts are durable and third, the fabric is designed to wick away moisture. Additional features include deep pockets with an easy to access extra ‘stash’ pocket on one leg. The reinforced seat panels hold the removable foam padding inserts.

They provide UPF 50 plus UV protection so they are perfect for wear in the sun and with the padded seat they are also comfortable enough to help you through a full day of sailing without spoiling any of the fun.

Click here for a closer look at the Harken Women’s Ballistic Eco Padded Shorts.

4. Helly Hansen Men’s Jotun QD Cargo Shorts

Helly Hansen has a Men’s cargo shorts which is made of a 94/6 blend of Polyamide & Elastane.

As with Helly Hansen products in general, they are great quality and are designed to be durable, as well as quick drying.

A nice feature is the mesh-lined pockets, allowing them to dry ultra-quickly. The cargo pockets give you extra handy storage.

Have a look at the Helly Hansen Men’s Jotun Shorts… click here.

5. Gill Pro Rash Shorts

The next selection on our list is Gill Pro Rash Shorts. These are a great choice to wear in a number of ways…

You can just wear them as they are on a hot day or add them under a wetsuit. The reason why you may want to do that is that these sailing shorts are about as high tech as shorts can get.

Made from a lightweight six ounce, four-way stretch fabric these shorts spell comfort. They contain flatlock seams so there will be no skin irritation and an elastic waistband. Rated with a 50+ UPF they will provide maximum UV protection without skimping on fit.

Check out Gill Shorts here.

6. Gill Men’s Wetsuit Hiking Trouser

The last of the best sailing pants and shorts is the Gill Men’s Wetsuit Hiking Trouser.

Using what Gill likes to call their “X4 Flex Technology” means there’s a whole lot of stretch built into the 90% neoprene and 10% nylon construction. This also means you can expect comfort along with the freedom of movement the design and fabric allows.

There’s also extra padding in the seat, knees, and shins providing day long comfort.

Click here for more details on the Gill Men’s Wetsuit Hiking Trouser, and make sure that you have a quick look at the short video below which outlines some of the cool design features of the Gill Hiking outfit.



Our Last Word on Shorts For Sailing…

The right kind of sailing pants or shorts can make a sailing much more enjoyable and there are many choices available designed to meet the demands of every kind of sailor. Designed for comfort, with the added bonus of water resistant or quick drying materials and sun protection, sailing in a pair of shorts all day just got a whole lot more practical and comfortable with these in the list above.

However, a good pair of shorts is only the beginning. So make sure that you check out our other posts on some of the best gear on the market… check out our write-ups on:

Not all shorts are created equally, so make sure you check out the features offered before buying. Don’t forget to order the proper size, and enjoy your next adventure out on the water with a great pair of sailing shorts.

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