The Best Sailing T-Shirts – Look Cool On & Off The Water

Sailboat T Shirts Have Become a Trend

Men's Evolution of Man Sailing T-Shirt

Men's Evolution of Man Sailing T-Shirt

Pick a hobby or activity and you will be able to find a complete line of t-shirts to match. Sailing shirts are no exception. The choices range from casual, funny and practical with such messages as “I’d Rather Be Sailing” and “Life is Simple. Eat, Sleep, Sail”.

The complete selection of sailing t-shirts also includes styles and designs for women as well so there are plenty of reasons to enjoy your time in the sun, on or off the water and still be able to share your love of sailing with a t shirt that does the talking for you.

If you want to get some ideas for the different styles of shirts for sailing on the market, have a look at our favorite ones below.

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T-shirt History

Modern day sailing t shirts originated as a men’s undergarment at the turn of the century. The style at the time was a full one-piece article of clothing that had a button up top. It was called a Union Suit and was the standard for men which saw a huge change in 1902. A newly designed two-piece undergarment was released by the P. H. Hanes Knitting Company which became very popular. It was followed in 1938 with another design alteration created by the Sears Company which they named the Gob Shirt.

Movies in the 1950s have featured leading men wearing t-shirts and by the 1960s they were mainstream. By this time the era saw them appear with various types of tie dye patterns and various slogans and statements. In the 1970s and 1980s t shirts became a common platform for every kind of political and humorous statement as well as turning into souvenir items with patterns, photos and other tourist-related printing on them. This has continued to the present day and the subject matter that has appeared on t shirts now crosses the entire spectrum.

The best sailing t-shirts that we found on the market are:

Click on the images below to have a closer look...

Dressdown Men's Evolution of Man Sailing T-Shirt - 10 Colours

Men's I'd Rather Be Sailing T-SHIRT

YOUR BOAT NAME Where Captain is always Right (& Good Looking) Unisex T-shirt

Women's I'd Rather Be Sailing T-Shirt

What Happens On the Boat Stays On the Boat Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Retro SAILING Strip Ladies T-Shirt Retro Style

SAND. SALT. SURF. SUN. Women's Turtle UPF Performance T-shirt

Gill Men's UV Tec L/S T-Shirt

Sailing Gift I Live to Sail Nautical Heartbeat Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Sail On Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Yes, I Have A Retirement Plan I Plan to Go Sailing T-Shirt

If You Can Read This I have Capsized T-Shirt

I Love My Wife Shirt I Love It When My Wife Lets Me Go Sailing T Shirt

VARY Men's Team USA 2016 Olympics Sailing T-shirt Short Tee

Altered Latitudes Men's Laser Olympic Class Sailboat UPF Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Henri Lloyd Women's Fast-Dri Silver Mono T-Shirt - Opw

Got Wind? Sailing T-Shirt

Sail Away Sailing T-Shirt

Education is Important but Sailing is Importanter T-Shirt


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