Laser Sailing Camera Review – GoPro HERO 3+

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Take Your GoPro Hero 3+ Sailing!

GoPro HERO 3

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The GoPro Hero 3+ portable camera is the perfect companion to take laser sailing. Not only does it capture incredible quality video (1080p60) it also snaps 10-megapixel photos as fast as ten frames per second. A high-speed sport such as laser sailing requires a camera that is as quick and the Hero 3+ Silver can keep up with the action on board your laser.

In addition to speed, GoPro added extra features to enhance your experience including built-in WiFi. This means not only instant sharing of photos through e-mail and social media but it also allows for remote camera function when used along with the GoPro app downloaded to your handheld device of choice. Even when you aren’t in your laser sailing boat, the GoPro Hero 3 will still fit any of the mounting hardware you may already own from this product line so you will be able to capture point of view photos and videos with ease.

Extras Galore!

In addition to the features already mentioned, the Hero 3+ Silver comes in a protective glass case and is waterproof to a depth of 40-meters with large buttons for quick access to any mode or option. It performs well in low light conditions right up to bright sunlight producing top quality photos and videos across the lighting spectrum. The audio recording device is also nothing short of professional quality resulting in amazingly crisp and clear sound recording. Add to this a wide-angle glass lens and there’s not much needed to make the GoPro Hero 3 your top pick for capturing your laser sailing adventures.

What Others Are Saying About The GoPro Hero3+

The Hero 3+ Silver is an upgrade from a previous release by GoPro and according to online reviews, it was a pretty good move. The manufacturer was wise enough to keep a number of the key elements that worked in the previous release while improving on others for the Hero3+ Silver. For example, while the housing is smaller in this version, control buttons have increased in size and are easier to press making changes on the move – in the middle of all the action – quicker to make.

The camera has not changed any in size which is good news if you are one of those who like to switch cords, batteries and other accessories between units. However, there is no charger or extra batteries included although there is a set of mounting brackets to get you on your way to snapping and videoing the high seas action on sailing lasers or wherever your active lifestyle takes you.

The Bottom Line

The GoPro series of sports cameras has opened up a whole new market for enthusiasts of fast, extreme sports to document their experiences in ways no point-and-shoot camera ever could. The upgrade identified as the Hero 3+ Silver improves upon the foundation already built by the manufacturer. As hard as it may be to believe, they managed to take some excellent design features from the previous product line and tweak them a bit to make them better.

The GoPro Hero 3+ is a great option to take out Laser Sailing

The GoPro Hero 3+ is a great option to take out Laser Sailing

Let’s face it, capturing lightning fast action or even different point-of-view footage was usually territory reserved for the professionals with expensive camera equipment at their disposal. With the GoPro Hero 3, you can now snap and video the same kind of images that will make your friends drool and fellow laser sailing buddies a little jealous.

The pros for this upgrade are many and include a small, yet compact housing, higher battery capacity, improved audio and video quality, increased frames-per-second video recording in all modes, sturdy and waterproof and with WiFi connectivity. As for negatives, the menu functions are a bit difficult to fully understand without a thorough examination of the instruction booklet, the camera does heat up during excessive use, there is no charger included and memory card formatting may be challenging for some users.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s a winner! With increased frames-per-second shutter speed and video recording speed, you can’t go wrong with this portable camera when it comes to recording those moments no one else will be able to. Size, function, extras, and cost make the GoPro Hero 3+ your best bet in sport cameras.


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