Top Laser Sailboat Accessories & Upgrades

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Many casual and beginner sailors buy an older Laser dinghy as their first boat. Older models, often bought second-hand, regularly do not contain much more than a basic setup. This means that they are missing many of the new laser sailboat accessories that are now available.

This is fine as you start your sailing journey, but as you get into Laser sailing more (for example, start racing), you may want to be more competitive and get more out of your sailing.

With this in mind, many boat manufacturers have developed updated accessories so that you can upgrade your sailboat.

The addition of various types of Laser sailboat accessories generally enhances the sailing experience. Plus, when you add new upgrades to your dinghy, you also increase the value of your boat.

Here is a look at some of the most common Laser sailboat parts.

Popular Laser Sailboat Accessories

1. Wind Indicators

Laser Sailboat Accessories

Wind indicators are a great addition to any Laser dinghy. They give a quick and easy visual guide to help you when out on the water. Wind indicators are generally mounted low on the mast so that they are always within easy view, or sometimes on top of the mast. It’s important to ensure that they don’t get caught on the mainsheet of your dinghy or another Laser when in a tight position at the start of a race.

Most good wind indicators feature a universal fit for all Laser dinghies, as well as Opti, Topper, Sabot, and others.

Wind Indicator Details:

  • Vane is held in place with a bracket
  • Low Friction
  • Attaches to mast with a rubber boot
  • Velcro secures indicator in place
  • Replacement vanes/straps also available
  • See an example product here.

2. Mast Wear Strips

Made from thin strips of Teflon, Laser Mast Wear Strips are meant to reduce the amount of friction that can build up between the Laser mast and the step. For best results with these Laser dinghy parts, mount these strips in two locations: one at the bottom of the mast and the other just below the deck line.

Wear Strips Details:

  • Made of thin Teflon (approx. 1mm thick)
  • Adhesive on the back of each strip for ease of installation
  • Pre-cut for precision
  • See an example here.

3. Centerboard Wear Strips

This set contains five square-shaped patches that are designed to reduce friction and wear from the centerboard. They come with an adhesive back which requires no glue. You just peel off the protective sheet and add pressure once you have located where you intend to position them. The kit contains more strips than you may need which provides Laser dinghy spares for replacement.

4. Teflon Mast Step Disk

Designed to fit into the mast step hole, this small Teflon disc will help to minimize friction between the bottom of the mast and the Laser dinghy hull. It can be removed for cleaning and as a result, is reusable. The Teflon Mast Step Disk is used primarily to reduce wear on the mast step which is an important area to look after on any Laser.

Teflon Mast Step Disc Details

  • Made from durable Teflon
  • Keeps grit from damaging the bottom of the mast and mast step
  • Class legal for use on any Laser sailboat
  • See an example of this product here.

5. Turbo Kit

If your goal is to be a competitive sailor, you will sooner or later require a Turbo Kit. In fact, it is considered a Laser sailboat accessories necessity for the modern Laser sailor. The kit contains several items including a Harken vang (with blocks), a cam cleat plate, a Cunningham plate, Ronstan blocks, a vang key, and lines – some great Laser dinghy spares.

Turbo Kit Details

  • Increases purchase on most control lines
  • Reduces friction with efficient smooth blocks the system runs through
  • See an example here.

6. Ronstan RF62100 Block

The makeup of this Block features a patented extruded hole design that provides a very powerful grip thanks to the groove profile of the sheave. The holding power has been rated at up to 20:1 for this exceptionally lightweight but heavy-duty block.

Ronstan RF62100 Block Details:

  • Unmatched holding power of up to 20:1
  • Dual-sided on or off switch which can be operated under load
  • Ball-bearing system provides low friction
  • Easy bearing maintenance due to cheek cut-outs in design
  • See more on this product here.

7. Laser Clew Strap

The clew tie-down strap contains three main parts. There is Spectra webbing, a stainless steel ‘D’ fitting, and Velcro. The strap is used to secure the sail clew tightly against the boom. The design is such that the strap can be attached to the boom so that it can slide to provide smooth outhaul adjustment.

8. Spliced Vectran Laser Traveler

Designed to provide the tightest leech tension, this traveler is manufactured from strong Vectran. The line features Brummell splicing at the load-bearing point. This eliminates additional bulk underneath the tiller while keeping it all class legal.

Spliced Vectran Laser Traveler Details:

  • Extra-long at 11-feet
  • Made with 5mm wide V12 Vectran
  • Rated at zero stretch to enhance feel and tuning ability
  • See more on this product here.

9. Traveler Blocks

If you are looking for a suggestion of great sailing accessories that won’t blow a hole through your wallet, this would be it. The Harken Traveler Block features one-piece construction with a hinge that connects the two halves. It also utilizes ball bearings for low friction sheeting and fast main sheet requirements.

10. Carbon Tiller

As far as tillers go, the carbon tiller is considered the gold standard and a popular choice for many to add to their Laser sailboat accessories. That’s because it is lightweight, stiff, and often contains the strength of a titanium wear plate. Designed with a low profile, this tiller is durable and long-lasting.

Carbon Tiller Details:

  • Provides more leech tension by making the mainsheet and traveler tighter
  • Weighs just 500 grams
  • Measures only 110 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
  • See an example of this product here.

11. Deck Cover

Protect your Laser sailboat with a dingy Deck Cover. They come in a few different colors and are best if made from water-repellent, breathable 900d fabric which is also UV resistant. You can get a custom fit with dinghy covers by using the included reinforced sewn elastic cord.

Deck Cover Details:

  • Padded corners
  • Reinforced wear points
  • Heavy-duty straps with quick-release buckles
  • ID label
  • Comes complete with a carry bag
  • See laser dinghy covers here.

12. McLube

Known by the brand name of Sailkote, this spray-on dry lubricant is the silver bullet for most sailors. That’s because it is a high-tech, high-performance product that makes anything on your boat run smoother, work more efficiently, and last longer with reduced wear and tear.

McLube Sailkote Details:

  • Popular and effective marine-use dry lubricant
  • Dries in seconds after application
  • Does not attract dirt, water, or other contaminants
  • Lasts longer than wax, oil, or Teflon-based lubricants
  • See McLube here.

13. Laser Dolly

Haul your boat to and from the water by yourself with ease using a specially designed Laser Dolly. The Dolly supports should fit snuggly which protects the gunwale gel coat. Made from aluminum, Dollies are both lightweight and strong and one of the most important of sailboat accessories.

Laser Dolly Details:

  • Aluminum construction with boat-friendly round corners
  • Handle at the bow end of dolly make maneuvering simple
  • Wheel hub features ball bearings for easy rolling
  • See more laser dollies and trailers here.

14. Telltales

Essentially telltales permit easier sail trimming and steering on a sailboat. What the ‘tails’ will ‘tell’ you are a lot of different information related to air movement over the surface of the sail. While the placement of telltales is crucial, there are several configurations commonly used. Each telltale has a disc that is stuck onto the sail. The ‘tail’ is left to flow freely.

Telltales Details:

  • Available in sets of various quantities
  • Made from nylon or wool yarn and are a few inches long
  • See info on wind indicators and tell tales here.

15. Foil Bag

Designed as a protective bag to cover the rudder and fin of your Laser sailboat when not in use or in transport, some Foil Bags are large enough to provide room not only for your foils but also the tiller/extension, sails, ropes, and battens. Made from 600D material with a PU coating for strength and durability.

Foil Bag Details:

  • Fully padded shell and interior pockets
  • Includes a mesh side pocket
  • Zip or Velcro closures
  • Removable shoulder strap, adjustable with a carry handle
  • See a foil bag here.

16. Spar Carriers

A Spar Carrier is intended for use in carrying spars (2-piece mast, and boom). The spar carriers are available in different colors and as Laser sailboat accessories, they allow you to safely transport spars on top of the deck of your Laser.

In Conclusion

For new and seasoned Laser dinghy owners, it is great to know that there are lots of different laser sailboat parts and accessories that you can purchase to help you sail faster, to help protect your gear,  and to make your time out on the water more enjoyable.

For keen sailors, you can increase your chances of being more competitive by updating your gear and adding new laser dinghy accessories to your boat. You don’t necessarily need any of these options, but they are there to add to your Laser sailboat accessories kit as your budget and experience allows.

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