Laser Tiller and Tiller Extension

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laser tiller extension

The laser tiller is simply a handle or lever that extends off the rudder providing leverage so that the rudder can be turned, enabling the boat to be steered.

The tiller extension allows the skipper to move his / her body weight out or forward, and still be able to steer effectively.

What to look for in Tillers and Extensions

Tillers and extensions come in a variety of types, materials, and lengths. Carbon tillers and extensions are the preference for many sailors these days because they are lightweight and strong.

You want an extension with a good grip and easily rotates at the universal joint.

Extension length also varies and is a personal preference. Shorter extensions make moving about the boat easier (eg. while tacking, you are able to move about the cockpit more easily, and the extension doesn’t get caught as easily on the mainsheet rope), while longer extensions allow for easier hiking on heavy days.

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Laser Tiller with Extension and Foils
Laser Tiller with Extension and Foils

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