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Buying a brand-new sailing dinghy or sailing gear is great, but not everyone is as cashed-up as they would like to be. This means that there are always people wanting to buy 2nd hand boats and gear. So whether you are upgrading your boat and gear, or just don’t have the time to sail anymore, it’s a good idea to know how to sell a sailboat fast.

We know that there are lots of people wanting to get their hands on some second-hand laser dinghy gear… And we don’t want to see old Laser sailing gear sitting in the shed or garage going to waste.

So if you just don’t have the time to get out on the water anymore, or you are looking to upgrade and need to get rid of your old gear and make some spare cash at the same time, we have some tips to help you to sell your sailboat fast.

These tips below are aimed at selling a Laser dinghy, but most points can be applied to selling other types of dinghies and even larger sailboats.

Tips to Sell Your Laser Dinghy Quickly

Laser Sailboat For Sale

Now that you’ve decided it is time to sell your laser sailboat, you will likely want to have it sold quickly. The longer it takes to attract a buyer, the more your costs will increase in maintaining or storing the boat until it is sold. And when things don’t sell quickly, they can go stale as people start wondering “Why has that laser sailboat been for sale for so long? There must be something wrong with it!

Nobody likes seeing things go to waste… so it’s probably better off being used by someone who can put it to good use, and you can have that extra money in your pocket. So selling your dinghy can be a win-win.

Whatever your reason for selling, there are ways to speed up this process. The following tips may be just the assistance you need in order to sell your Laser dinghy quickly.

tips to sell your laser sailboat

1. It’s All In The Timing

There is something to be said about what time of year you would stand a better chance at selling a boat. Depending on where you live, peak sailing seasons differ but this would be when you would want to try to sell your boat.

In fact, just prior to the start, or up to the middle of the sailing season would be best. When there is a demand for boats, they sell more frequently. This will give you the best chance to sell your laser sailboat.

2. The Price Is Crucial

When you are selling a boat, you really have to do some homework before you slap a price tag onto it. Think of your boat in the same way as you would if you were selling a car. Being able to determine what your boat is worth will require research.

Once you discover what the average asking price is for similar dinghies, you will have a guide when you price your laser boat for sale.

3. Information to Include

It’s a good idea to add as much relevant detail about your items as you can, as well as some great photos, to give your items the best chance of selling.

Think about what you do and look for when you are buying something like this. You want to find out as much information as possible so that you can make the best decision. Well, it’s the same for the buyer. They will likely want to know all the details.

You can include information such as:

  • overall condition, including hull, sails, spars, foils, trailer, etc
  • hull/sail number
  • rig size
  • what is included (eg. hull only, number of sails, covers, trailer, and/or dolly)
  • extras (eg. carbon tiller, turbo kit, practice sails, wind indicator, etc)
  • amount of use (regularly sailed, or been in storage)
  • repairs, leaks, stiffness
  • any other information that is relevant and interesting.

The more details you can provide, the more that people will see that you are genuine and the fewer irrelevant inquiries you will likely get.

When adding your location, don’t just add your town. The internet means that you can reach almost everywhere, and you don’t know where your ad may be seen. Help out by making it a bit easier for prospective buyers by including the following:

  • Town / City
  • State / Province
  • Country
  • Best contact method

so that others can quickly and easily search and know if you are in their part of the world.

4. First Impressions Count

Staging is a method used when homes are being sold. Essentially, it is a process where the interior and exterior of the home are cleaned, rooms are tidied up and dressed to look as if they were being used.

Your boat needs the same kind of treatment. When your used laser dinghy is for sale it needs to look in good condition and it needs to look tidy. Present it in its best light to attract more people.

No one wants to buy something that is dirty or looks uncared for. When looking to sell your laser sailboat, spend some time cleaning up your laser and all the other gear to make the best first impression.

5. Get The Word Out

Once you’ve reached this point, you should seriously consider advertising your laser dinghy for sale. You have several online and traditional advertising options available to you.

There is no guarantee that a newspaper ad or an online classified ad is going to work for you, but you have to do something to spread the word.

Posters and flyers at various locations including on the noticeboard down at your local club may also assist with this. But for that extra reach, online ads can work well. There are some great free and low-cost options available.

6. Collect Relevant Paperwork

When you put your boat up for sale, you will want to make the transfer of ownership as smoothly as possible. This means gathering all documents required by the prospective new owner. These documents may include registration papers and any other piece of paperwork that would be of help to the new owner.

7. Viewings and Inspections

If you were selling a car, someone interested in it would want to take a closer look. That could also include a test drive. The same basic principle exists with selling a boat.

Anyone seriously interested will want to inspect it and may possibly want to take it for a sail. You can schedule these to take place at a time and date that is convenient for both you and the buyer.

8. Protect Your Investment

When you have a used laser sailboat for sale privately you have to beware. They are scammers out there who may try some very creative ways to take advantage of you and your sales situation.

If something doesn’t feel or sound right to you, trust your instincts. Avoid getting caught up in a situation that may end up being a scam of some kind. Be careful with all potential buyers.

9. Sealing The Deal

There are a few things to keep in mind before you shake hands and wave goodbye to the boat you once owned.

You may have to negotiate on price a little and you will have to decide on payment terms. A bill of sale or receipt will formalize the agreement and payment can be in cash or through a bank transfer. Try to avoid accepting a check or other payment methods.

Sometimes You Also Need A Little Luck To Sell Your Laser Sailboat

If you do not succeed in selling your dinghy, fear not. Provided you followed this list of tips then the problem is nothing to do with you or your laser sailboat for sale.

Sometimes boats just don’t sell the first time you try. Be patient, try again at a different time and you may be more successful. Sooner or later you will attract a buyer looking for exactly what you are selling.


Selling your Laser dinghy can be a rewarding and straightforward process with the right tips and advice. As we’ve explored various strategies and considerations throughout this article, it’s evident that taking a proactive and thoughtful approach can significantly enhance your chances of finding the right buyer and securing a fair deal. It takes a bit of effort, but it can make all the difference.

By first ensuring that your dinghy is in excellent condition, conducting any necessary repairs, and thoroughly cleaning it, you present a more appealing and marketable product to potential buyers. High-quality photos and a detailed, honest description will further entice interested parties and provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

When determining the asking price, research the current market value, take into account the condition of your dinghy, and be open to negotiation while setting a reasonable and competitive price. Utilizing various platforms, both online and offline, will broaden your reach and increase the chances of finding the perfect buyer.

Throughout the selling process, communication and responsiveness play a vital role. Responding promptly to inquiries, arranging viewings, and being transparent about the dinghy’s history and any past incidents will establish trust with potential buyers. After all… who wants to deal with a ‘shady’ character that is hard to communicate and deal with? People will quickly sense it and walk away if they find you difficult to communicate with or feel like you’re hiding something.

Lastly, stay vigilant and be cautious of potential scams or fraudulent activities during the transaction. Protecting your interests and ensuring a secure and smooth sale should always be a priority.

As you embark on this journey of selling your Laser dinghy, remember that patience and persistence are key. Finding the right buyer may take time, but with the right approach and a positive attitude, you’ll ultimately achieve a successful and satisfying outcome.

So, be confident, armed with the knowledge and guidance from this article, and enjoy the process of passing on your beloved dinghy to its next deserving owner. May the sale be seamless and may your Laser dinghy bring as much joy and fulfillment to its new sailor as it has brought to you. Happy selling!

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