GoPro Hero4 Sailing Camera Review

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GoPro HERO4 Silver Sailing Camera

The GoPro Hero4 is popular sailing camera equipment for many laser sailing enthusiasts.

The GoPro Hero4 is popular sailing camera equipment for many laser sailing enthusiasts, and for good reason.

This upgrade from the previous line of portable cameras has brought together popular established features with a few new ones to make this the ultimate recording device to document your time out on the water.

Also available are a range of accessories to give you different options to mount it, so you are assured to get the perfect angle.

The Hero4 Silver will likely become your newest best friend once you get it in your hands and take it for a spin out on the water.

GoPro Hero 4 Sailing Camera Features

What will likely stand out first is the built-in touch display which allows you to do a number of actions ranging from altering settings and framing the best photo possible to quick, easy and simple playback functions for photos and videos.

Improvements include a simplified and understandable set of menus for smoother and easier navigation. The camera has been upgraded to take 12-megapixel photos with an amazing frame-per-second rate bumped up to 30 so there is no possible way you’ll miss any of the action the camera is pointed at.

Add to this the built-in Wifi and Bluetooth you can operate your GoPro Hero4 remotely through the downloadable GoPro App.

This sailing camera has additional settings to enhance the quality of your photos with exposure settings you can customize to suit whatever conditions you are shooting under.

The improvements to the audio quality provide high fidelity sound that is crisper and cleaner than any previous model.

More New Features

From the ultra-wide angle lens to three different point-of-view modes and the ability to mark specific moments in a video with the HiLight Tag function the Hero4 Silver has really put the ‘fun’ in function. There’s also a single power on/record button and the SuperView feature that allows you to record wide-angle field of vision into videos that will result in top quality footage that rivals the professionals.

For when you are out on your laser sailing boat the GoPro people have kept in mind that things will get a bit wet. That’s why they designed the camera to be durable and included a waterproof case to keep it safe up to 40-meters.

The manufacturer states the GoPro Hero4 is “designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions” which sums up quite nicely that it can be used during just about any activity involving speed, noise, and water.

One of the best things they didn’t do was change hardware sizing which means this high-end camera can be used with any of the mounts, brackets, and accessories you already have from previous versions of this product line. It also means you don’t need conversion tools or replacement parts just to clip the camera somewhere for that incredible selfie you wanted to take.

What Others Are Saying About the GoPro Hero 4

The GoPro Hero4 sailing camera

The GoPro Hero4 will become your newest best friend once you get it in your hands and take it for a spin.

Stand out differences between the Hero4 Silver and previous models of this portable sailing camera are the improved quality of recording both audio and video.

Sportsmen and women who have purchased this as an upgrade will be pleased to note there is no need to replace accessories already used with older GoPro versions. This means that if you are typically recording activities while laser sailing, you will still be able to but will very likely end up with better quality photos and video.

Although the GoPro Hero4 is considered a high-end portable recording device, it isn’t reflected in the price. The high performance and quality show in the updated design, additional features and redesigning of the functionality of the product.

The real difference is when the upgrade is from the GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Side-by-side comparisons show improvement in the quality of the photos or video recording, as well as many design improvements. The little difference in price between the two combined with recording differences makes this the most affordable, feature-packed choice between the two products.

The Bottom Line on the Hero4 Silver

Sailing lasers is a fast-paced sport and capturing those special moments in photos or video can be challenging. With the GoPro series of portable cameras, the hard part is taken away.

With hardware to allow you to mount one virtually anywhere and mobile device apps that provide remote operation, there’s no such thing as a missed photo opportunity.

The design improvements and extra features found in this upgrade to the line of products make the GoPro Hero4 an excellent choice to capture all of those special moments when they happen.

Are you into laser sailing, and have used a GoPro Hero4 as your sailing camera? How do you find it? Please share your thoughts (and links to videos) below.

For more information on the GoPro Hero4, click here.


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