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Laser sailing guest post blog

Because we are always keen to give our readers the best information possible, and information from different perspectives so they can gain a well-rounded view on all things sailing, we accept guest posts.

However, we don’t accept all guest posts. There are some requirements that need to be met so that our user’s experience remains top quality. These guidelines must be adhered to.

If you are interested in providing a guest post for our website, please note the following:

Guest Post Requirements

  1. You must have a track record of writing high-quality content. Please provide details of previous writing work so that I can check out your previous work
  2. Outbound links. Links must add value to the user, and not go to irrelevant or spammy sites. The maximum number of links allowed is 2. This can be:
    • a maximum of 1 in the bio plus 1 in the article body, or
    • 2 in the bio only.
  3. Content must be thorough, accurate, informative, interesting, unique, and greater than 1,000 words. No spun articles, no spammy articles, no AI-generated articles. Just good quality posts that our readers will love
  4. Content must be of excellent quality and not contain any grammatical or spelling errors
  5. Posts must be related to sailing – ideally dinghy sailing or Laser sailing
  6. I will own the content and all rights. You will get credit for writing the post, as well as outbound links
  7. If questions are raised by readers, then you may be requested to provide a response
  8. Accepting guest posts is purely at our discretion. If your proposal is rejected, we may or may not provide any reason
  9. We have the right to remove the guest post at any time, without explanation or notice.

As mentioned above, we basically want to provide our readers with some great information so that they can increase their knowledge and / or find the information they need quickly and easily.

How To Submit A Sailing Guest Post Article

If you would like to submit an article for review, please:

  • contact us, with the subject line “Guest post proposal”. Any proposals without this in the subject line will be ignored
  • provide details of the site that you would like to link to
  • provide a title (or a few titles for me to choose from), and
  • provide some examples of previous writing work you have done.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and regards