Top 10 Best Sailing Shoes

Sperry Top Sider Mens Sea Kite Sport Boat Shoe

Wearing the best sailing shoes, whether on board your boat or not, can say a lot about you. Besides looking the part and being a bit of a fashion statement, of course, they have a very practical aspect as well. The most important aspect of wearing the best shoes for sailing is that of safety.…

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Kids Sailing – 11 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn To Sail

Why Your Child Should Learn To Sail

Sailing is not just for sport. For young people who are introduced to sailing at an early age, they pick up many skills that can be carried into their adult lives. Regardless of what career path your child may follow, an early introduction to kids sailing will develop traits that can pave the direction he…

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Boat Knives – Best Sailing Knife Guide

best sailing knife

A sailing knife is one of the most important hand tools that any sailor should own, whether on board your boat or while rigging up your dingy onshore. Designed as a multi-tool in many cases, the best sailing knife is, more often than not, more than just a sharp cutting blade. In this guide, we…

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8 Best Boat Shoes For Women Reviewed

Best Boat Shoes For Women

You’ve heard the term ‘boat shoe’ or ‘deck shoe’ but do you really know what they are? In general terms, the best boat shoes for women are made from canvas or leather with a non-marking sole and are designed specifically for use onboard a sailing vessel. However, ladies sailing shoes are also regarded as fashion…

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What Are The Best Sailing Gloves? 11 Sailing Gloves Reviewed

Ronstan sailing gloves

To Summarize: We picked 11 of the most popular sailing gloves available on the market. We compared the construction, durability, design, and features of each. We also looked at fingerless and full-fingered gloves. Many of the choices here scored high marks on design, fit, and strength. Most fared well on dexterity, gripping ability, and comfort…

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Best Handheld Anemometer Options

best handheld anemometer

You’ve no doubt seen anemometers around the place… An anemometer is a wind speed measuring device that is commonly used by weather stations and individuals or institutions interested in measuring changes in wind speed. To give the best reading, an anemometer is typically mounted on a pole positioned in an open space so that they…

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Laser Sailing Holidays – Best Sailing Holiday Options

Laser sailing holidays are an adventure-filled holiday option that can be shared with the entire family. But before we explore several different holiday programs and packages available, let’s take a closer look at the different types of sailing holidays in general. We have chosen to look at a total of nine basic types of sailing…

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Cool Sailing Quotes – Nautical Quotes For Sailors

cool laser sailing quotes

Just thought I’d share with you my picks of some of the best sailing quotes that I have seen going around. There are some pretty cool quotes from a mix of some world-class sailors right through to those with just a more basic love for the water. If you have a favorite sailing quote, whether…

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How Does Boating Affect The Environment?

Environment pollution in our waterways

I have been fortunate enough to have done a lot of travel over the years, and have visited some truly beautiful and amazing places. For me, the most beautiful places were the often the ones most untouched by humans – in pristine condition. But on taking a closer look, even these locations are often not…

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Blackburn’s Bass Strait Laser Sailing Record

Tidal Beach in Wilsons Promontory, Victoria, Australia

In the world of Laser sailing, Australian Michael Blackburn is a leader and champion. He won an Olympic Bronze medal during the 2000 Summer Games in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. In March 2005 his world ranking was 3rd in the Laser, the world’s most popular sailboat. Early in that month, Blackburn added to his…

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