RC Laser Sailboat Review

remote control laser dinghy

The RC (Remote Control) Laser sailboat is one of the easiest model yachts to assemble and operate. It is a scaled-down (1/4 size) version of the real boat – the famous racing Laser dinghy, which is the most popular sailing class in the world. The RC Laser Sailboat version of this boat was intended to be…

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16 Best Sailing T-Shirts – Look Cool On & Off The Water

Men's Evolution of Man Sailing T-Shirt

Sailboat T Shirts Have Become a Trend Pick a hobby or activity and you will be able to find a complete line of t-shirts to match. Sailing t shirts are no exception. The choices range from casual, funny and practical with such messages as “I’d Rather Be Sailing” and “Life is Simple. Eat, Sleep, Sail”. The complete selection…

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Best RC Sailboat Reviews for 2023

Joysway 2016 V4 Dragon Force 65

Although there is a huge difference between laser sailing and sailing the best RC sailboat, they are both hobbies that are attractive to all ages. In fact, racing toy sailboats can be either competitive or just for fun. Regardless, if you are a laser sailor who just has to be in or around the water…

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GoPro Hero4 Sailing Camera Review


The GoPro Hero4 is popular sailing camera equipment for many laser sailing enthusiasts, and for good reason. This upgrade from the previous line of portable cameras has brought together popular established features with a few new ones to make this the ultimate recording device to document your time out on the water. Also available are…

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GoPro Accessories In A Single Kit

GoPro Accessories

Here’s the best way to purchase your GoPro Accessories – in a single kit! The reason why we say that is because to obtain each of these items individually would cost way more than this accessories package. The list of accessories is quite impressive, too. Included in the package are: a head belt strap mount,…

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6 Best Laser Sailing Books To Improve Your Sailing Skills

The Complete Book of Laser Sailing by Dick Tillman

There are many excellent Laser sailing books that cover the spectrum from beginner to advanced. The picks below contain important information on the exciting sport detailing everything from laser sailing rigging to how to sail a laser dinghy. Whether you are a novice or more experienced, there is a lot of information to learn. Get…

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Laser Sailing Camera Review – GoPro HERO 3+

GoPro HERO 3+

Take Your GoPro Hero 3+ Sailing! The GoPro Hero 3+ portable camera is the perfect companion to take laser sailing. Not only does it capture incredible quality video (1080p60) it also snaps 10-megapixel photos as fast as ten frames per second. A high-speed sport such as laser sailing requires a camera that is as quick…

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What Are The Best Sailing Shorts And Pants?

Gill Performance Padded Shorts

Whether you are after sailing shorts or sailing pants, both are an essential part of the wardrobe for any sailor. The best sailing shorts and pants are designed to be comfortable and durable. The durability requirement stems from the fact that they have to stand up to the harshest of elements, as well as extreme…

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What Are The Best Sailing Watches… Updated For 2023

Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch

To Summarize: We looked at a wide variety of sailing watches, investigating what we thought were the main things that sailors would find useful. Through our investigations, our pick as the best sailing watch that we looked at was the Optimum Time Series 3 Sailing Timer. This was our winning watch last year, and in…

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