Learning To Sail: Beginners’ Tips

learning to sail, points of sail

Welcome to the captivating world of sailing, where the simple joy of gliding through the water awaits. If you’ve ever felt drawn to the sea, you’re not alone. Sailing has enchanted countless enthusiasts with its allure, becoming a way of life for many. In this article, we’ll be exploring essential beginners’ tips for those embarking…

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Is Learning to Sail in a Small Sailboat the Best Choice?

Learn to sail

Are you considering learning to sail in a small sailboat? The prospect of mastering this skill and the excitement of sailing itself can be alluring. But sailing goes beyond knowing boat parts and sailor jargon – it’s a fascinating blend of science and adventure that can captivate anyone with a passion for the waters and…

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Getting Your Children Interested In A Sailing Dinghy


Learning to sail in a sailing dinghy is a great way to get into the sport. It is no wonder that most parents love to pass on their passion to their children. However, some children will grasp the idea with as much enthusiasm as others. While there will be those who feel at home on…

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This Fascination Called Laser Sailing

learning to sail on a fireball dinghy

Laser sailing and racing is a sport that has enthralled a lot of sailing enthusiasts all over the world. Competitive sailors finishing their courses as fast as possible, controlling the wind in their sails for utmost speed never fail to inspire awe from the viewing crowd. But what does it take to be just like…

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Learning To Sail: Tips For Newbie Sailors

learning to sail a laser dinghy on the ocean

When you think of sailors and sailing, what springs to mind? Are you a beginner, or looking into learning to sail? Below I share some of my story and tips on how you can start sailing, so read on… I am your regular 8-5 guy, but I am a very adventurous person. Whenever the monotony…

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