So Why Do People Join Sailing Clubs?

laser sailing clubs

The main advantage of joining sailing clubs is that, as a member, you can experience the sport without actually owning a boat. Normally, members of these organizations do own a boat but for beginners, people who choose to rent instead of owning a boat, or for people who like to crew, becoming a member of…

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Tips For Buying A Laser Dinghy

Laser off Trailer

Buying a laser dinghy can be a challenging task for a beginner. Learn what to watch out for when buying so you get your money’s worth. The Laser is considered to be one of the most well-known and accepted single-handed dinghies in the world. A lot of sailing aficionados love this sprightly little boat. If…

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Learning To Sail: Beginners’ Tips

learning to sail, points of sail

Learning to sail, and sailing in general, is simply so enjoyable. For this reason alone, a lot of people have become sailing enthusiasts. There can be other reasons why sailing aficionados are hooked on sailing but one thing is for sure – sailing has become a way of life for them. The simple joy of…

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Learning To Sail A Small Sailboat

Learn to sail

Are you interested in sailing a small sailboat? Do you know that learning to sail a small sailboat can be as exciting as actually sailing it? Many people do not realize that learning to sail requires not only knowing the various parts of the boat or the different “language” sailors use. There is a whole…

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Getting Your Children Interested In A Sailing Dinghy


Learning to sail in a sailing dinghy is a great way to get into the sport. It is no wonder that most parents love to pass on their passion to their children. However, some children will grasp the idea with as much enthusiasm as others. While there will be those who feel at home on…

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This Fascination Called Laser Sailing

learning to sail on a fireball dinghy

Laser sailing and racing is a sport that has enthralled a lot of sailing enthusiast all over the world. Competitive sailors finishing their courses as fast as possible, controlling the wind in their sails for utmost speed never fails to inspire awe from the viewing crowd. But what does it take to be just like…

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Why A Small Sailboat Is Preferable

There are several advantages in owning a small sailboat over a larger one. Generally, small sailboats are just perfect for beginners, those that are just starting to learn the basics of sailing. However, they can also be appreciated by sailing experts, especially those that love the adrenaline rush that comes with racing small dinghies. Today,…

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Learning To Sail: Tips For Newbie Sailors

learning tips for laser sailors

When you think of sailors and sailing, what springs to mind? Are you a beginner, or looking into learning to sail? Below I share some of my story and tips of how you can start sailing, so read on… I am your regular 8-5 guy, but I am a very adventurous person. Whenever the monotony…

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