Sailing Exercises: Improve Your Fitness For Sailing


Sailing is more than a water sport. It can be a grueling mental and physical workout. It is because of this that sailors need to be fit both in mind and body to meet the challenges they will face on the water. Engaging in sailing exercises enables sailors to be in top form to overcome…

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Top 5 Laser Sailing Fitness Tips

laser sailing fitness

The Laser class is demanding and requires not only physical but mental strength. When racing your laser, sailing fitness can mean the difference between winning or getting a place, or being at the tail end of the pack. But how do you keep fit in order to meet the demands and reap the rewards of…

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Getting Fit To Sail Your Laser Sailboat

laser sailboat

Spending a day out on the water on your laser sailboat is not only mentally challenging but also physically demanding. In fact, if you are not in good physical condition, you can get very tired very quickly. Of course, you want to enjoy your time sailing and don’t want to become exhausted too quickly. When…

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Laser Sailing Fitness Develops the Mind, Body and Spirit

increase fitness for laser sailing

For anyone who has never sailed a laser, they may not understand the importance of laser sailing fitness. One of the main reasons why the Laser is so popular is its simplicity; simple to rig and sail, sturdy and agile on the water. But don’t let the Laser’s simplicity fool you into believing anyone can…

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