Top Laser Sailboat Accessories & Upgrades

Laser Sailboat Accessories

Many casual and beginner sailors buy an older Laser dinghy as their first boat. Older models, often bought second-hand, regularly do not contain much more than a basic setup. This means that they are missing many of the new laser sailboat accessories that are now available. This is fine as you start your sailing journey,…

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How To Sell Your Laser Sailboat Quickly

Laser Sailboat For Sale

Buying a brand new laser sailing dinghy or sailing gear is great, but not everyone is as cashed-up as they would like to be. We know that there are lots of people wanting to get their hands on some second-hand laser dinghy gear… And we don’t want to see old Laser sailing gear sitting in…

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Learning What To Look For In Cheap Boats

regatta sailing

Looking at cheap boats is both challenging and exciting especially for sailing newbies who do not have any idea on what to look for in sailing boats. If you feel that your knowledge about sailboats is still inadequate and you are all excited to buy one, it is best that you seek the help of…

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Tips For Buying A Laser Dinghy

Laser off Trailer

Buying a laser dinghy can be a challenging task for a beginner. Learn what to watch out for when buying so you get your money’s worth. The Laser is considered to be one of the most well-known and accepted single-handed dinghies in the world. A lot of sailing aficionados love this sprightly little boat. If…

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