Where To Look For A New or Used Laser Sailboat For Sale

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Are you ready to take on the world of sailing, but not sure where to look for a laser sailboat? Laser sailing provides a thrilling and versatile experience for sailors worldwide, offering agile performance, competitive racing, and a vibrant global community. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor seeking your next challenge or a beginner eager to dip your toes into the world of sailing, finding the right Laser sailboat is the first step for many.

With so many options available, the search for the perfect Laser sailboat may seem like a daunting task. But fear not! Below, we’ll help you navigate through the waters of boat hunting and discover the best places to find both new and used Laser sailboats for sale. From reliable dealers to online marketplaces and local sailing communities, we’ve compiled a list of valuable resources to streamline your search.

Where To Look For A Laser Sailboat

There are several excellent places you can look at when you want to buy a second-hand Laser sailboat. As well as asking around (especially down at your local club before or after a race, or asking your friends, family, and coworkers who may know of someone selling a laser dinghy), some other common places to look for a used Lasers dinghy for sale include:

  • Online marketplaces: For example, eBay and Craigslist. They don’t always have many options for dinghies, but you may want to set up an alert anyway. Sometimes they have some accessories at good prices.
  • Various sailing/Laser Forums: just search ‘laser forums’ as most have online classified sections, with https://sailingforums.com/ worth visiting.
  • Laser dealers/shops: Secondhand boats are often used for trade-ins on newer ones and boat shop owners will often know someone with something for sale.
  • Notice boards at Sailing Clubs: Members upgrading/downsizing will often sell their older boats and post them on notice boards.
  • Newspaper/sailing magazine classifieds: can be a good place to find deals near your home.
  • Online boat brokers: Websites like YachtWorld or BoatTrader have listings for new and used boats, including laser dinghies.
  • Various websites: There are many great websites where you can find laser dinghies for sale. See some examples in specific countries below…
you can find laser dinghies for sale in many places

Country-Specific Websites

In addition to these potential sources, there are many country-specific websites where you will be able to locate used laser sailboat listings. They include the following*:

In Australia:

In the United States:

In Canada:

In the United Kingdom:

In Ireland:

In the Netherlands:

In New Zealand:

* We are not affiliated with these sites and have not purchased through many of them. They are listed for your information only. Use with caution.

Use Patience When Buying a Dinghy

You might be tempted to simply go out and buy the first dinghy you inspect. You might inspect one and fall in love at first sight. However, dedicating time to learning what to look for when buying a Laser dinghy will arm you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. This ensures that your chosen boat aligns perfectly with your sailing aspirations, remains in good condition, and suits your specific needs and preferences.

Once you decide whether you’re shopping for a new or used Laser sailboat, finding the right one isn’t difficult. There are many different sources available at your fingertips. Yes, you might have to inspect a few before finding the perfect dinghy that meets your exact requirements, but the learning that comes from this process is invaluable. By conducting your own research and having discussions with laser dinghy owners, you can learn a great deal.

So, while the initial excitement of the first dinghy may be captivating, investing time in research and evaluation will lead to a more satisfying and rewarding sailing journey ahead.

What About Info on Selling a Laser Dinghy?

Selling your Laser sailboat is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. If and when you want to sell your laser dinghy, it’s essential to find the right buyer. In this article, we explore the best strategies for selling your Laser dinghy and navigating the market to ensure a smooth and successful selling experience. Whether you’re upgrading to a new boat or transitioning to a different type of sailing, we’ve got you covered with practical tips and advice to help you find the perfect match for your Laser sailboat and pass on the joy of sailing to its next owner.

What’s Your Tip For The Best Place To Find a Laser Sailboat For Sale?

Have you got any other tips and places to check out when looking for a used laser sailboat for sale? If you have bought one, where did you find your dinghy? What do you think is the best place to find a used Laser dinghy? Please share below…

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  1. Sven on September 3, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    I actually bought my Laser from Sailing Pro Shop. Just another option for those looking.

  2. Marie on April 9, 2019 at 8:46 am

    How much can I expect to get for my laser. It is three years old and sailed only a few times. It is not banged up at all. It was stored in our garage over the winter with a cover. We paid 15,000 for it. We are in NH, the lakes region.

    • Admin on April 9, 2019 at 2:47 pm

      Hi Marie
      That depends on many factors, including the age and condition of your Laser sailboat. But on top of this, it also depends on what others are selling for in your area. This is often a good starting point – checking the price of other Lasers dinghies in the area. So spend some time researching to get a good idea of what is a realistic sale price.
      Here is some more information that you might find useful when selling your dinghy – check it out here.
      Good luck with it.

    • Steven Shepperd on July 12, 2021 at 7:05 am

      $15 000.?? The gold-plated version? ?

      (Brand-new, in 2021, Lasers run for a tad under $5K)

      • LB on August 22, 2021 at 4:49 pm

        Not in Australia they don’t.

  3. Joseph Moore on April 10, 2019 at 2:51 am

    Any tips for selling a Laser? I have it posted on three sailing sites, including sailingforums.com, craigslist, and facebook. I have a 2007 Laser in excellent condition rarely sailed and never in salt water.

    • Admin on April 10, 2019 at 7:58 am

      Hi Joseph
      Thanks for your message.
      I have put together some information to help Laser sailors sell their dinghies as quickly and easily as possible, and for the best price. Check it out here.
      Hope it helps, and all the best.

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