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Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch

What Are The Best Sailing Watches… Updated For 2020

To Summarize: We looked at a wide variety of sailing watches, investigating what we thought were the main things that sailors would find useful. Through our investigations, our pick as the best sailing watch that we looked at was the Optimum Time Series 3 Sailing Timer. This was our winning watch last year, and in…

vw sailing academy

What To Expect At A Sailing Academy

If you are someone wanting to learn sailing, the best option you could have is to enroll in a sailing academy. Sailing academies offer structured courses that are designed for different levels, depending on the level of skill of the learner. Different people pursue sailing for different reasons. There are those who simply love the…

melges 32

So What Really Is The Best Sailboat?

Sailors and sailing enthusiasts all over the world often have an opinion on what the best sailboat is for them. And so we say there are indeed different strokes for different folks because what is good for one might not be as great for another. Even so, there are certain boats that do stand out…

laser sailboat

Getting Fit To Sail Your Laser Sailboat

Spending a day out on the water on your laser sailboat is not only mentally challenging but also physically demanding. In fact, if you are not in good physical condition, you can get very tired very quickly. Of course, you want to enjoy your time sailing and don’t want to become exhausted too quickly. When…

sailing school

Learn Valuable Skills At A Sailing Camp

If you are thinking of a worthwhile activity that your children might be interested in, think of a sailing camp. Sailing camps have become very popular during summer and a lot of young children and teens enjoy a week or so at sailing camps learning not only to sail but a lot of other skills…

Summer Sailing Camps

The Benefits Of Joining A Laser Association

Many laser owners belong to a laser association. If you are a new laser owner and still undecided whether to join this group or not, this article is for you. A laser association is a big sailing club composed of Laser owners. This is an avenue where they can exchange ideas so that laser sailing…

learning to sail on a fireball dinghy

Dinghy Sailing: What Small Sailboat Type is Right For You

Are you planning to pursue dinghy sailing? Whether it is for leisure or for sport, sailing in itself can be both relaxing and challenging. And for many people it is this variety that makes it so appealing… there is always something to learn. It, of course, goes without saying that to become an expert in…

laser sailing clubs

Planning To Join A Sailing Club?

There are several things you need to consider if you want to join sailing clubs. But before going any further, you need to know your reasons why you want to join a sailing club in the first place. Is it just for social activities? Or access to races? Maybe you want to learn sailing and…

increase fitness for laser sailing

Laser Sailing Fitness Develops the Mind, Body and Spirit

For anyone who has never sailed a laser, they may not understand the importance of laser sailing fitness. One of the main reasons why the Laser is so popular is its simplicity; simple to rig and sail, sturdy and agile on the water. But don’t let the Laser’s simplicity fool you into believing anyone can…

laser sailing clubs

So Why Do People Join Sailing Clubs?

The main advantage of joining sailing clubs is that, as a member, you can experience the sport without actually owning a boat. Normally, members of these organizations do own a boat but for beginners, people who choose to rent instead of owning a boat, or for people who like to crew, becoming a member of…

Laser off Trailer

Tips For Buying A Laser Dinghy

Buying a laser dinghy can be a challenging task for a beginner. Learn what to watch out for when buying so you get your money’s worth. The Laser is considered to be one of the most accepted single-handed dinghies in the world. A lot of sailing aficionados love this sprightly little boat. If you are…

learning to sail, points of sail

Learning To Sail: Beginners’ Tips

Learning to sail, and sailing in general, is simply so enjoyable. For this reason alone, a lot of people have become sailing enthusiasts. There can be other reasons why sailing aficionados are hooked on sailing but one thing is for sure – sailing has become a way of life for them. The simple joy of…

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