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Laser Sailboat For Sale

Sell My Boat! How To Sell A Sailboat Fast

Buying a brand-new sailing dinghy or sailing gear is great, but not everyone is as cashed-up as they would like to be. This means that there are always people wanting to buy 2nd hand boats and gear. So whether you are upgrading your boat and gear, or just don’t have the time to sail anymore,…

tahoe brim sailing hat 3

Tahoe Brim Sailing Hat Review

We all know that a good sailing hat is important when out on the water. But does the Tahoe Brim Sailing Hat stack up against the rest? Is this the best sailing hat? What makes it a good sailing hat? I, like I am sure most people, have had a lot of sailing hats over…


Sailing Gifts – Best Gifts For Sailors

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or any other special day where you would like to give that special someone a gift to show them that you care, it can be hard to know what to get. However, if that special someone loves the water and is a sailor, you’re in luck, because there are loads…

inspecting laser hull for damage

3 Basic Maintenance Skills Every Dinghy Sailor Should Know

For nearly 50 years, the Laser has been an exceptional racing and recreational sailing dinghy. Speed and simplicity of design are in its DNA, and thus it’s the perfect choice for both the seasoned racer who’s looking for high performance, and the novice who just wants a boat that’s easy to transport, rig, and sail.…

Laser Sailboat Accessories

Top Laser Sailboat Accessories & Upgrades

Many casual and beginner sailors buy an older Laser dinghy as their first boat. Older models, often bought second-hand, regularly do not contain much more than a basic setup. This means that they are missing many of the new laser sailboat accessories that are now available. This is fine as you start your sailing journey,…

Ronstan sailing gloves

What Are The Best Sailing Gloves? 11 Sailing Gloves Reviewed

To Summarize: We picked 11 of the most popular sailing gloves available on the market. We compared the construction, durability, design, and features of each. We also looked at fingerless and full-fingered gloves. Many of the choices here scored high marks on design, fit, and strength. Most fared well on dexterity, gripping ability, and comfort…

cool laser sailing quotes

Cool Sailing Quotes – Nautical Quotes For Sailors

Just thought I’d share with you my picks of some of the best sailing quotes that I have seen going around. There are some pretty cool quotes from a mix of some world-class sailors right through to those with just a more basic love for the water. If you have a favorite sailing quote, whether…

Environment pollution in our waterways

How Does Boating Affect The Environment?

I have been fortunate enough to have done a lot of travel over the years, and have visited some truly beautiful and amazing places. For me, the most beautiful places were the often the ones most untouched by humans – in pristine condition. But on taking a closer look, even these locations are often not…

Tidal Beach in Wilsons Promontory, Victoria, Australia

Blackburn’s Bass Strait Laser Sailing Record

In the world of Laser sailing, Australian Michael Blackburn is a leader and champion. He won an Olympic Bronze medal during the 2000 Summer Games in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. In March 2005 his world ranking was 3rd in the Laser, the world’s most popular sailboat. Early in that month, Blackburn added to his…

learning to sail yacht

Start your sailing adventure young (or young at heart!)

Whether your children dream of sailing the world or just messing about on the water, the best time to learn to sail is when they are young, fearless and full of wonder. I remember my first day out on the water, drowning in my life jacket, nervously tugging the straps tighter as I stared at…

GoPro HERO 3+

Laser Sailing Camera Review – GoPro HERO 3+

Take Your GoPro Hero 3+ Sailing! The GoPro Hero 3+ portable camera is the perfect companion to take laser sailing. Not only does it capture incredible quality video (1080p60) it also snaps 10-megapixel photos as fast as ten frames per second. A high-speed sport such as laser sailing requires a camera that is as quick…

rio 2016

Aquece Rio wrap-up… The Olympic Test

Once a decision is made on where each Olympics will be, contending sailors from around the world look to the location in order to familiarize themselves, but invariably feel that the locals hold the home advantage of knowing the secrets of the area. Among the Laser sailors, we know already that the Brazilian Robert Scheidt…

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