6 Best Laser Sailing Gear Picks for 2023

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Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch is a pick for our best laser sailing gear list
Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch is a pick for our best laser sailing gear list

The best laser sailing gear can make the difference between an enjoyable day on the water and a not-so-fun day.

The picks we have chosen below are excellent choices for racers and more social sailors and will guarantee you quality and comfort – two things to consider when purchasing any laser sailing equipment.

Durability will also have to be a factor because you will want items that will last a long time and do the work you expect of them without needing replacement due to poor workmanship.

Here are our picks of the best sailing gear for 2023…

Our Top 6 Picks for Best Laser Sailing Gear for 2023

1. Ronstan Sticky Race Gloves

Ronstan Sticky Race Sailing Gloves Black

Even though it’s 2023, it’s still hard to go past these sailing gloves as an integral part of your laser sailing gear. They have been a favorite of ours for a while now. They work well and are priced even better.

This pair of fingerless gloves feature Amara palm and fingers with Kevlar stitching and spandex in the back and sides for air circulation. The neoprene wristband has a Velcro closure for easy on, easy off wearing. The Amara fabric contains a ‘sticky’ texture that will allow you to hold a line longer and with less effort which should reduce fatigue.

Other features include UPF 50 UV protection, double stitching in high-wear areas, and a low-cut design. You will definitely want these gloves to be part of your laser sailing kit.

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2. Gill Race Cap

Gill Men’s Race Cap

Anyone who does laser class sailing will know the importance of a good sailing cap.

This 100-percent nylon cap has 50+ UV protection, a wicking inner headband, and a retainer cord with a clip to keep it from flying away in the wind.

This piece of laser sailing gear is also lightweight and made of water-resistant fabric.

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3. Ronstan ClearStart Sailing Watch

Ronstan ClearStart 50mm Sailing Watch

Featuring an oversized half-inch digital display, this watch is the perfect racing companion. It has multiple start sequence options, multi-line display, loud intuitive lead-up and start sound signals plus much more.

There’s also a great selection of standard features which makes this a great watch to wear at any time as it tells time and date, has an alarm, and has large easy-to-use buttons. Add to this a stainless steel back and a flexible polyurethane housing and band, this will make a great addition to your laser sailing outfit.

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4. Gill 5mm Aero Boots

Gill 5mm Aero Boots

The warmth in these boots comes from the fact that they are made from 5-millimeter thick neoprene and also have blindstitched seams. That gives these boots comfort and flexibility.

Add to this a non-marking sticky sole, reinforced heels, toes, and bridge… your feet will be in good hands.

There’s also a non-ferrous Velcro lock zip for fast securing or removal. These Gill boots also have strong ankle support and are also great for hiking.

For the best price on the Gill 5mm Aero Boots, click here.

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5. GoPro HERO10 Waterproof Camera

GoPro HERO10 Waterproof Camera

For bragging rights, race proof, training exercises, or just for fun, you will seriously want to consider adding a GoPro camera to your laser sailing equipment.

The HERO10 features the best image quality so far in the series with a super-fast processor and lots of great features. High-res 5.3K 2880p 60fps video, stabilized time-lapse videos, 23MP photos, and the ability to record 30 seconds before and after your shot will allow you to get the best images.

Of course, this camera is waterproof and impact-resistant, and with the virtual truckload of accessories that you can get, it makes this the must-have GoPro to add to your kit of laser sailing gear.

For the best price on the GoPro HERO10 sailing camera, click here.

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6. O’Neill Men’s Reactor Wetsuit

O’Neill Men’s Reactor Wetsuit

The Reactor Series of this brand of wetsuit is special in that it features an exclusive Fluid-Flex in the shoulders and sleeves. The suit itself is made of 30-percent Fluid-Flex and 70-percent Fluid Foam neoprene. It makes this laser sailing gear comfortable, easy to wear and move in, warm, and durable.

Although this is commonly a diving suit, it is perfect for use while laser sailing. It features many great extras ranging from a fully adjustable neck, flatlock stitching, and ergonomic seamless under-sleeve panels to a hidden key pocket.

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When you enter the world of laser sailing you need to be prepared for just about anything. Weather and water conditions can change rapidly and you need to have the proper tools to keep you safe and sailing properly. When it comes to comfort you also require the best sailing clothing and accessories to make your time enjoyable.

If you are an experienced sailor, you already know that the best gear for laser sailing can really make the difference between an enjoyable day on the water and a not-so-fun day. If you are shopping for sailing gear for 2023, you will want to get the best gear that you can afford. We hope that our article on the best Laser sailing gear will help you find the gear that is right for you.

With our top 6 picks, you will have some of the best gear for laser sailing available.

What’s your favorite laser sailing gear for 2023? Share with us in the comments below…

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