Maritime Myths: 30 Common Sailing Superstitions and Their Meanings

common sailing superstitions

Sailors, given the often unpredictable nature of the sea, have historically been a superstitious lot. Here are some of the most common sailing superstitions and their explanations or backgrounds: Many of these superstitions arose from the inherent danger and unpredictability of life at sea. Even today, with all our technological advances, you’ll still find sailors…

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8 Best Boat Shoes For Women Reviewed

Best Boat Shoes For Women

You’ve heard the term ‘boat shoe’ or ‘deck shoe’ but do you really know what they are? In general terms, the best boat shoes for women are made from canvas or leather with a non-marking sole and are designed specifically for use onboard a sailing vessel. However, ladies’ sailing shoes are also regarded as fashion…

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Exploring the Different Types of Sailing

dinghy sailing is one of the most popular types of sailing

When sailing you can encounter many different experiences… from excitement and adventure to relaxing and peaceful. Depending on what type of sailing you want to do, the waterway on which you are sailing, the weather, and your skill level, there are many different types of sailing to enjoy. Whether you are interested in sailing for…

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The Top Five Sailing Hats for 2023

Gill Men’s Race Sailing Cap

The best sailing hats are generally made from lightweight, quick-drying fabrics. Some have cords you can use to keep them from flying away in a breeze while others are made to float in water. When you’ve packed all your gear for a day out sailing, don’t forget your hat! For many sailors, this is the single…

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Kids Sailing – 11 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn To Sail

Why Your Child Should Learn To Sail

In today’s technology-driven world, outdoor activities hold an important place in the development of children. Among the diverse range of options available, kids sailing stands out as a captivating and enriching experience. Sailing is not just for sport. For young people who are introduced to sailing at an early age, they pick up many skills…

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Sell My Boat! How To Sell A Sailboat Fast

Laser Sailboat For Sale

Buying a brand-new sailing dinghy or sailing gear is great, but not everyone is as cashed-up as they would like to be. This means that there are always people wanting to buy 2nd hand boats and gear. So whether you are upgrading your boat and gear, or just don’t have the time to sail anymore,…

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Tahoe Brim Sailing Hat Review

tahoe brim sailing hat 3

We all know that a good sailing hat is important when out on the water. But does the Tahoe Brim Sailing Hat stack up against the rest? Is this the best sailing hat? What makes it a good sailing hat? I, like I am sure most people, have had a lot of sailing hats over…

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What To Wear Sailing in the Summer Months

what to wear sailing in the summer

Knowing what to wear sailing in the summer takes a bit of thought and preparation. You can’t just grab the first few things you see and head out on your way. Plus, the type of sailing you intend to do will have an impact on your clothing choices. In this article, we will cover the…

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